Susie Meissner

I'm Confessin'

Label: Lydian Jazz Records, LLC
Release Date: 2011

I’M CONFESSIN’ is an appropriate title for this collection of jazz vocals by the very special artist, Susie Meissner: she renders everything she sings as an introduction or a confession of her experiences not only as a gifted stylist of the jazz idiom, but also as a human being who has a profound need to communicate. Meissner is blessed with a fine gift of a voice that is pure, intelligently employed, and always beautiful to hear. But another aspect that comes through on this fine album is her intrinsic respect for the musicians that surround her. This is simply a top notch, sophisticated and heartfelt gig.

Some vocalists feel the need to occupy as much space as possible on a song. Not Meissner. The instrumental portions of each of the 14 tracks on this album have equal importance to her – and thus, to us. Her collaborators are Wycliffe Gordon, trombone, John Shaddy, piano, Tim Horner, Drums, Dean Johnson, bass, Greg Riley tenor and soprano sax, Freddie Hendrix, trumpet and Flugelhorn, and Paul Meyers, guitar. As further evidence of her concept of partnership she places photos of each of these fine artists on her album beside her own portrait, singing. Equality.

Susie Meissner has taste, and that taste shows in not only her selection of songs she presents here in her own impeccable style, but also in the quality of vocal production and the variation of moods she conveys. This is a class act CD and one that deserves widespread PR.
– Grady Harp


Susie Meissner, vocals
Wycliffe Gordon, trombone
John Shaddy, piano
Dean Johnson, bass
Tim Horner, drums
Greg Riley, tenor and soprano sax
Freddie Hendrix, trumpet and flugelhorn
Paul Meyers, guitar